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Del Casale Excavating - Excavation Contractors in Somerset County NJ
Del Casale Excavating - Excavation Contractors in Somerset County NJ

If you are looking for Excavation Contractors in Somerset County NJ, look no further than Del Casale Excavating. Pool Removal, Land Clearing and Backhoe services... these are just a few of our Central Jersey area services.

At Del Casale Excavating we pride ourselves with specialty services to meet the needs of every client, both residential and commercial. Somerset County NJ area homeowners, land owners, farmers and business owners have come to rely on and trust Del Casale Excavating for all of their excavation related needs. We perform top quality work at competitive prices, and we are available evenings and weekends to meet with you when it is convenient for your schedule.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

General Excavation, Backhoe Service and Site Work
Daily, weekly and monthly machine rentals with operator. Ground protection mats available for wet access jobs.

Drainage Issues
Correcting poor runoff around structures, lawns, fences, etc. Drainage ditches cleaned out to restore proper runoff.

Driveway Maintenance
Regrading and leveling of stone driveways, new stone delivered and spread, replacement of damaged drainage and culvert pipes, side ditches excavated and maintained for proper runoff.

Land Grading
Leveling and regrading of poor drainage areas, fill dirt and topsoil delivered and spread.

Post Hole Digging
Excavator mounted hydraulic auger with 9", 12" and 24" diameter bits available. Also digging for deck footings, piers, light poles, signs, etc.

Pool Removal
Complete pool removals, backfilling with clean fill dirt, and topsoil, reseeding and straw mulching of all disturbed areas. We remove concrete, fiberglass and liner pools, and we handle all permits and inspections required by the township. Also water pumping for pools, ponds, basements, etc. Please note: We do not install pools.

Farm Maintenance
Field drains repaired and replaced, low areas filled and leveled, reclamation of overgrown fields, heavy duty brush hog mowing, hedgerows thinned out and/or removed, "land-bridges" installed over ditches to allow equipment access between fields.

Forest Management
Wooded areas thinned and logged, invasive vegetation removed (i.e. autumn olives, cedars, multiflora rose, etc.). All wood removed from property.

Pond Maintenance
Pond digging, repairs & maintenance, leaky dams, rodent damage and repairs.

Land and Lot Clearing
Brush and stump removal & disposal, heavy duty rototilling available.

Call Tom at Del Casale Excavating anytime at 732-690-4292 to discuss your Somerset County NJ area excavating needs.

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